Golf in Ukraine is on the uptick.  Here are some of the more notable golf courses in the country: Golden Gate Golf Club Golf Club "Burulcha" (Crimea) 12 Oaks at Koncha Zaspa King's Island Golf and Tennis Resort Kyiv Country Club Museum Golf Club Odessa Orange Hills Golf Club River Park Golf Resort...
Golf Ukraine

Golfing for sport or leisure has become a fast growing past time for the Ukraine this decade. In addition to the many existing luxury golf courses in the Ukraine, there is also a multi million dollar plan to construct several more golf courses and clubs.  Considering the popularity of the sport, it is hard to believe that less than a decade ago there were no golf courses in the Ukraine. If you have been interested in playing golf in the …

Sergio Sanfilippo says:
Sono un vecchio giocatore di golf italiano e ho una moglie Ukraina. Vorrei... more
Sergio Sanfilippo says:
Sono un vecchio giocatore italiano e ho una moglie Ukraina che abita a... more

Ukraine is a beautiful country to play golf. The climatic conditions are very favorable and this sport is advancing rapidly in Ukraine. The Golden Gate golf club, Orange hills golf club, Museum golf club, 12 Oaks golf club, River Park golf club and Superior golf and spa resort are world renowned golf courses. Ukraine is a wonderful place to get the best quality golf clubs, golf equipments and accessories at cheap prices.  A wide range of golf discounts and golf …

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Superior Golf and Spa Resort 5-star luxury resort in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  It is one of the premier golf resorts in the country.  It is ranked #25 on tripadvisor as one of the best hotels in Kharkiv.  One customer reviews it as “a perfect place” and another says “luxurious”. Here’s a youtube video from one happy American customer: Superior Golf Resort and Spa is located: Kurchatova Street,1A, Kharkiv, 61108 Ukraine‎ Phone Number: 866-539-0036‎

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Want to play golf! Spa is extra. Want more information. I often collect a goup.... more
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good afternoon, would you be so kindy and send me contacts, web page and mail... more

Golfing in Ukrainetop comments

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union in the early nineties, before the Soviet Union broke down. Ukraine is well known for its rich natural resources like coal and Lignite. People in Ukraine have a liking to outdoor sports such as Golf. Ukraine has a few top quality golf courses including Superior Golf club, Golden Gate golf club and Kiev golf club. If you want to play a game of golf in any one of these golf courses in Ukraine, …

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hi Beat it would be great if Odessa club were ever to be completed. But given... more
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Hi my friends I am from Switzerland and played Charkiv Superior in October... more

Relief Situations and Procedures

This Rule is important but very lengthy so we’ll try to make it as easy as we can for you. Lifting your ball may sound simple enough but don’t pick up your ball unless you’re certain you know what you’re doing. There’s more to it than meets the eye. You must always mark the position of the ball before you lift it – that’s common sense. If you do not mark it beforehand, you immediately incur a one-stroke penalty. During …


Ball Moved, Deflected or Stopped

RULE 18 Ball at rest moved A ball is deemed to have moved if it leaves its position and comes to rest in any other place. It is how and when the ball comes to move, though, that determines whether or not you have broken any Rules. If your ball is moved by an outside agency, such as a dog, a crow, or a greenkeeper driving his grass-cutter, then you incur no penalty. You simply replace the ball before you play your …


The Putting Green

RULE 16 The putting green Here’s a guide to what the Rules say you can and can’t do on the putting green. You can: • Lift, mark and clean your ball. • Repair an old hole plug or pitch mark. Any other damage, such as a spike mark, may not be repaired if it might assist you in the play of the hole, • Touch the line of a putt but only in the following situations: 1 If you place the putter-head …


Playing the Ball

RULE 12 Searching for and identifying your ball This rule sounds straightforward, but it’s not, so here are a few guidelines you ought to bear in mind when looking for your ball or while in the process of trying to identify it. You can touch or bend long grass, rushes, bushes, heather or the like, but only to the extent necessary to find and identify your ball. Your actions must not improve the lie of the ball, the area of …


The Teeing Ground

RULE 11 Teeing ground As the definition quoted earlier in the book explains, the teeing ground is a rectangular area two club-lengths deep bordered either side by two tee-markers. You cannot move one of those tee-markers, but you can stand outside them provided the ball is teed between them. If at address you nudge the ball off its tee with your clubhead, ignore the person who says ‘one’. For a start, it is not ‘one’ – you simply replace the …


Order of Play

RULE 10 Order of play ‘Honour’ is a term that refers to the right to hit first in a group and, for the 1 st tee, is determined by the order of the draw or, failing that, by lot. Thereafter, honour on the tee is earned simply by taking a lower score on the previous hole than your playing partners. If you are in a matchplay event, the net score wins the honour, In strokeplay, you always base the decision …